Current ChipVault release version is 2006.07, it is dated Jul-08-2006.

Download the ChipVault program ( 100KB UNIX/Linux and Win32): [ ]

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Don't Forget the Tutorial(Tar of sample mixed VHDL+Verilog RTL+netlist design). : [ Tutorial Text (for on-line browsing) ], [ tutorial.tar.gz ] , [ ]

Docs: [ FAQ ] [ ChangeList ] [ BugList ] [ Printed Manual ] [ Feedback Survey ]

Example Stuff: [ Example hlist.txt (1KB)], [ plugin perl script)] [ Hints and Tips ],

OS Platforms Supported:

UNIX: ChipVault has been tested thoroughly on UNIX (Solaris) and Linux (RedHat). Only standard Perl 5 is required (generally pre-installed) and a POSIX compliant terminal window (Xterm,GnomeTerminal, NOT Solaris cmdtool!).

Win32-Console: (Win98,NT4,XP tested) platforms require ActivePerl be installed, which may be downloaded for free from This link may still take you to the download page directly. Win32 version has some limitations due to all the wonderful features on UNIX that never seem to be bundled into anything out of Redmond. WARNING : I recently discovered that the latest flavor of ActivePerl ( 5.8 ) from ActiveState has broken something in ChipVault ( the Console Display Interface ). As I don't think there are many Windows users, for now what I recommend is downloading the last stable version ( 5.6 ) of ActivePerl that ActiveState still has on their download page.

New Release Email Notification:

Please Email with 'subscribe chipvault' in the subject line to receive Email notification of new releases.

ChipVault has been released under the GPL. A copy of the GPL is contained within the source script and may be viewed with the on-line help.

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