GPL License In Short:

ChipVault is released under the GPL license. In short, what this means is that a company may take ChipVault and modify the source with proprietary changes so long as they only use those changes internally within their company. If the company should share and/or sell their changes, those changes must be shared with the world under the same GPL license.

For Example: If the engineers at "ACME ASICs'R'Us" port ChipVault to run on PlayStation2s, they are free to do so as long as their port is only used at "ACME ASICs'R'Us". If they should decide to go into the Software Distribution business and start selling ChipVault on CDs to the billions of PlayStation2 owners, "ACME ASICs'R'Us" must then make the ChipVault changes available to the world (either by setting up their own web-site or submitting their changes to the ChipVault author for inclusion at the Author's web site).

The GPL License

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