ChipVault is VHDL/Verilog Chip Design organization tool which improves design efficiency by:

Automatically sorting and displaying design files hierarchically. Designed to handle multi-million gate designs with hundreds of RTL files.
Provides a Fast and Simple mechanism for navigating design hierarchy and launching favorite editors and tools (compile,lint,etc) on design files.
Single-keystroke to fast Schematic Port view of RTL components, illustrating all inputs and outputs to a design block and bit widths.
Minimize tedious grunt work by automating block instantiation and providing boiler plate RTL generation. Allows designers to spend more time designing, not wasting time hooking up ports.
Simple to use Revision Control system for archiving file changes and Group Development, keeping 'Mainline' syntax-free versions of files separate from the minute-to-minute alterations. Prevents multiple designers from working on the same file simultaneously. Automatically generates log of changes made and a GZIP'd TAR archive every time a file is checked in.
Hooks for launching external tools on design files. Automatic bottom-up hierarchy compiles, etc.
Issue Tracking log with sorting. Assigns issues to components and designers and optionally Emails designer when an issue is assigned to them.
Rapid netlist hierarchy viewing with component filtering option for filtering out insignificant instances (Flops and Gates) and displaying only large modules. Excellent for keeping tabs on the number of adders, etc. that have been inferred by synthesis
Report generation for generating schematic component views of all blocks in a design.
Fast and Nimble. ChipVault was designed by an ASIC designer who designs million gate ASICs using Vi. ChipVault launches as fast as Vi and is platform portable from UNIX->Linux->Win32.

Request for Ideas and Plug-Ins:

Please provide feedback regarding features already included and features you would like to see in future releases. Anyone who would like to donate a Perl PlugIn to work with ChipVault, please Email the authour your GPL'd open-source plugin and it will be included in this web-page.

ChipVault has been released under the GPL. A copy of the GPL is contained within the source script and may be viewed with the on-line help.

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Comments or questions, please email khubbard@users.sourceforge.net.